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The Main International Shooting Instructors Association (MISIA) was created to establish an international structure for the accreditation, recognition and maintenance of shooting instructors.

It ensures that IPSC instructors are the best trained and qualified to implement a uniform worldwide standard for training IPSC sports shooters.

MISIA instructors and trainers are the ambassadors who bring our culture of safe gun handling to the attention of the whole shooting world.

The highly skilled and safest IPSC Shooting sport is the basis of the Firearm Handling Culture.
To promote, maintain and improve a worldwide standard of the safety training of the athletes in the sport of Practical Shooting.

To establish the accreditation, recognition and maintenance of MISIA Instructors.

To develop and standardize a MISIA curriculum.

To set a unified approach to MISIA training.

To promote and enhance both the quality and efficiency of training.

To certify MISIA Officials in every IPSC Region.

To promote gender equality and equity in the sport.

To assist IPSC developing and maintaining a worldwide youth program.

MISIA University Certificate

The MISIA system with a University Certificate of Specialization Course in ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System) is academically recognized in EHEA (European Higher Education Area) in total of 49 countries.

State of the art on firearms handling culture

MISIA Directors
MISIA Regions

International Instructors Structure

Misia Structure Table

Ranking & Rating

MISIA will develop two types of international classifications

Designed for any Practical Shooters who want to measure their shooting skills with predefined stages, the result of which gives them a club, regional, national or international ranking.
MISIA Rating
Designed to establish a MISIA Instructor Rating, through the number of courses delivered and students taught, with an assessment by students of the quality of the instruction. Furthermore, there will be a rating of the best clubs and facilities for the practice and development of practical shooting, measured both by the facilities and services they provide for athletes and by the level and rating of the instructors they have.

Drills, Lesson Plans & Packages

The different levels of training are based on the development of a pedagogical teaching methodology. This is based on clear, simple and direct “Drills” as protocols for the minimum international standards, which must be followed by instructors under the MISIA system. At the same time, the training has been structured as a postgraduate university training format, forming university expert courses, postgraduate diplomas and master in practical shooting with all its specialties.

The concept of “drills” refers to the repetitive practice of fundamental techniques and procedures with the goal of the physical, mental and neuromuscular development of the specific skills required for the safe use of firearms, both for sport shooters as well as for personnel who use firearms in a profesional context.

Student & Instructor Packages

Depending on the category and level within the MISIA structure, each registered user will be able to download and access different study materials composed of basic manuals, files with the drills, videos, technical and scientific articles, etc. The will also be able to acquire different packages of basic or complete equipment, as well as acquire the different MISIA products separately.

MISIA news

MISIA structure

MISIA offers all kinds of professional educational programs from initial introductory training for beginners for the safe use and handling of firearms (International Firearms Safety Standard MISIA / IPSC Program), to specific high performance work for competitors and athletes.
Sponsors program

The Program is dedicated to the MISIA seminars organization and development on the regional level.


The Program is dedicated to the MISIA development worldwide in cooperation with commercial companies.

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