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Ekaterina Nikiforova
Published May 25, 2018

The Second MISIA seminar took place in Châteauroux, France on Friday, May 25. The one-day session was led by Vitaly Kryuchin, the IPSC President.  

The Seminar, developed under the auspices of the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC), was aimed at teaching and implementing international standards for safe gun handling and IPSC coaching skills to the Regional Instructors. At the end of the event, the certification of Instructors took place.

The MISIA structure, sequence of training topics, safe groups teaching methods, removal of the main mistakes made by shooters and the testing system for competitors and Instructors were the main topics of the theoretical and practical parts of the Seminar.

“We discussed the sequence of educational topics in the training of a beginner shooter with some special tips, the main drills that instil safety skill, methods of getting rid of jerking/flinch, some special training methods for high-level competitors, the future of MISIA and IPSC” said the IPSC President, Vitaly Kryuchin.

There were 9 participants from Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Indonesia and Spain. All participants except one successfully passed the handgun shooting tests. Four people successfully passed the shotgun tests. Everybody get the MISIA Certificates.

Participants, who successfully passed the Shooting Tests will get the MISIA Instructors ID card. All who did not pass the Shooting Test have the chance to pass it one more time at any official MISIA event during the 2018 year.

The Seminar’s participants noted the importance of MISIA creation and its further development, liked the learning process and some secrets that were given during the training session, and that the shooting tests did show their level of skills as shooters. Some of the participants noted that one-day session was not enough and asked to expand the classes to two days.

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