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Ekaterina Nikiforova
Published Sep 16, 2018

On September 16, 2018, the Master International Shooting Safety Instructor Association (MISIA) was officially initiated by the majority vote of the 42nd IPSC General Assembly, and the new era started.

In his address to the Assembly, the IPSC President, Mr. Vitaly Kryuchin noted:

"Who is teaching the beginners, IPSC members? Instructor doing this. But they have no recognition. It is not right! And I promised you that we will launch Instructors, Trainers association. We started to do it. Many MISIA seminars: Australia, South Africa, Europe, Pan America, here in Asia: two seminars passed. We found out that many good education programs existed in many countries, in many big Regions. And we would like to make our organization, IPSC much stronger, recognize our officials who working at the range and teaching the shooters". 

The Master International Shooting Safety Instructor Association (MISIA) was created to establish an international structure for the accreditation, recognition and maintenance of shooting instructors.

It ensures that IPSC instructors are the best trained and qualified to implement a uniform worldwide standard for training IPSC sports shooters.

MISIA instructors and trainers are the ambassadors who bring our culture of safe gun handling to the attention of the whole shooting world.

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